General Information


The event will take place at Escuela Politécnica Nacional in the EARME building.


Los Quipus

We have an agreement with a small apartment hotel LOS QUIPUS, perfectly located 5-min walk from the venue of IFIP 2020. They offered us a special price per night:

45 USD (39 Euros approx. ) per night for a single room (including breakfast and taxes).
55 USD (47 Euros approx. ) per night for a suite (including breakfast and taxes).
85 USD (73 Euros approx. ) per night for an apartment (more than two people - including breakfast and taxes).

If you want to book a room in apartment hotel LOS QUIPUS, please write directly to the following e-mail address: and mention that you will be part of IFIP 2020 at Escuela Politécnica Nacional so you can get the special price specified above.

Click in the following link to check the rooms.


Hotel Stubel Suites & Café 58 USD per night (approx.) 22 minutes on foot
Begonia 49 USD per night (approx.) 12 minutes on foot
ITSAHOME Apartments Torre Kytzia 34 USD per night (approx.) 10 minutes on foot


Hotel Quito 94 USD per night (approx.) 20 minutes on foot
Best Western Hotel Zen 82 USD per night (approx.) 20 minutes on foot
Barnard Hotel 47 USD per night (approx.) 5 minutes on foot


Hotel Villa Lafayette 25 USD per night (approx.) 12 minutes on foot
El Patio Hostel Quito 10 USD per night (approx.) 17 minutes on foot
El Hostelito 8 USD per night (approx.) 12 minutes on car


Public Transport Bus Service

There are three main kind of buses in Quito: urban-suburban buses, feeder buses ("alimentadores") and bi-articulated buses (Trole, Ecovía, Metrobus). All trips cost 0.25 USD, but if you want to go to a rural area, the cost can reach up to 1 USD.


Cans are legally required to use a taximeter. The base fare is 1.45 USD during the day and 1.75 USD at night. You can also use mobile E-handling services:

  1. CABIFY (
  2. EASY (
  3. UBER (


ATMs in Ecuador typically will charge you a nominal amount for withdrawals, around 2 to 5 USD. Withdrawal limits per account are usually 500 USD per day. Inside campus, there is one ATM at building 20. Keep in mind that most of restaurants and services accept credit cards.

Money Exchange

Ecuador uses U.S.A. dollar. Here are some places you can go for a fare exchange:

  1. MONEYEXCHANGE: Address. Veintimilla E4-203 between Amazonas and Juan León Mera. Tel. (+593)22521339
  2. WESTERN UNION: Address. Amazonas 724 and Veintimilla, Amazonas Building. Tel. (+593)22234309