The structure of this event will mainly consist of mini-symposia, each one consisting on groups of 4 talks. Every mini-symposia will undergo a review process prior acceptance.

The accepted mini-symposia for this event is detailed in the following table

Name Organizer
Optimal Control and Optimization for nonlocal and fractional problemsMarta D'Elia, Enrique Otarola
Recent Results in Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations and ApplicationsEduardo Casas
Inverse Modelling and ImagingTatiana Bubba, Markus Juvonen, Samuli Siltanen
Nonlocal methods for inverse problemsYves van Gennip, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb
Manifolds and OptimizationOrizon P. Ferreira, Ronny Bergmann
Bilevel Optimisation Approaches for Image and Data AnalysisLuca Calatroni, Kostas Papafitsoros
Optimization, modeling and representation of shapesEstefania Loayza Romero, Kathrin Welker, Antoine Laurain
Nonlocal PDEs and Calculus of VariationsHarbir Antil, Carlos N. Rautenberg, Julio D. Rossi, Mahamadi Warma
Recent trends in nonsmooth optimizationAndrea Walther, Nicolas Gauger
Inverse problems and optimal control for mean-field models in socio-economicsMarie-Therese Wolfram, Bertram Duering
Recent development in dynamic optimization, deep reinforcement learning, and applicationsHarry Zheng
Stochastic modeling and controlJ. Palczewski, L. Stettner
Recent Developments in Stochastic ControlRichard H. Stockbridge
Navier-Stokes equations with mixed boundary conditions and related problemsAlfonso Caiazzo, Andrea N. Ceretani, and Carlos N. Rautenberg
Complex Fluids: from Algorithms to ApplicationsSergio González-Andrade, Timm Treskatis
Mathematical modeling and inverse problems in biomedicineEvelyn Cueva, Matias Courdurier, Rodrigo Quezada, Francisco Romero
Non-smooth first-order methods, convex and non-convexLuis Briceño, Juan Peypouquet, Tuomo Valkonen
Inverse problems for partial differential equationsChristian Clason, Barbara Kaltenbacher
Applied Control and Inverse ProblemsRoberto Morales, Eduardo Cerpa, Alberto Mercado, Axel Osses
Recent trends in optimal transport Christian Meyer
Optimal control of dynamical systems and applicationsCristopher Hermosilla
Nonsmoothness in PDE constrained optimization and variational inequalitiesPedro Merino
Discrete Methods for Routing, Scheduling and Network Optimization ProblemsLuis Miguel Torres
Optimal design in inverse problems and data assimilationOmar Ghattas, Georg Stadler
Data Assimilation: Current Challenges, Real-Life Applications, and Theoretical Aspects.Elias Niño
Optimal stopping and related problemsSören Christensen and Ernesto Mordecki


We are reserving some slots in the main schedule for contributed talks, if you are interested in participating please add a talk in the submission system.